My littlest is turning three tomorrow.  THREE! I'm a bit sad about it.  I wanted to make him a fun shirt to wear on his big day.  I found this great shop on Etsy called KookooKids, that sells Monster number shirts.  I thought they were totally cute and just had to copy it.

They use terry cloth for theirs which I loved, but I'm last minute so I just used some polar fleece that I had on hand.  Their shop also sells the iron on kit to make your own which I would have ordered if I had found the idea before tonight. Check them out!


  1. Hey there! Hope your little guy had a happy birthday. That KookooKids shop is so cute. I may have to try making a number 4 for Connor. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Totally cute shirt for a birthday boy! Happy Birthday Lou Lou!!

  3. 3??? i cant believe it! thats how old brady was when we busted that joint
    have a great day and if i was turning that 3 thats the shirt i would want!!!! great job!