Super Hero Training Academy Party

Want to throw a Superhero Training Academy Birthday Party? 
We just threw this party for my 6 year old and was a hit!!  My oldest son loved this party so much when we threw it for him a few years ago that we just had to pull it off again.   I've recorded our Party Plan in case you want to see how it was done.  Hopefully this little summary will help someone make their kid's day.   So, without further explanation, here's what we did.

The invitation. This can be easily made on Canva and printed at a 1 hour photo. You can find envelopes for your pictures in a dollar store card box.
Gathering Activity: Build a Superhero hideout.  While we waited for everyone to get here we talked about all the Superhero hideouts or cities  we could think of...the Batcave, Fortress of Solitude, Hall of Justice, Gotham city, etc.  Then everyone grabbed a little Superhero and built a hide out for him out of blocks. I was surprised how much everyone got into it, especially since I dreamed this up as I was drifting off to sleep the night before the party.

Strength Training: Push-ups, sit-ups, lifting weights.
Once everyone got here my husband, the Superhero "trainer", led them in some warm ups and strength training exercises, push ups and situps.  Seriously this was the cutest thing.

Next they pumped some iron. We had made fake weights out of Styrofoam, and Doug carried them out like they weighed 100 lbs.  Then he acted like they were super heavy as he showed them how to lift them over his head.

Each superhero in training took a turn hefting them as everyone cheered them on.

To make the weights:  We used a mop rod (from the dollar store) and blocks of packaging Styrofoam stuck together with wooden skewers.  Styrofoam can be easily cut with and electric carving knife.  To paint it DON"T USE SPRAY PAINT.  I discovered that spray paint actually melts Styrofoam. We painted it with an acrylic craft paint instead.  You can also use High density foam, which comes up to 5 inches thick at the fabric stores, instead of Styrofoam.  It actually can be spray-painted beautifully but it is just a little pricey, unless you have an old couch cushion lying around, which is what we used for the previous party.

SupermanTest: Are you a "Man of Steel"?
 After they developed their bodies of Steel.  They practiced deflecting bullets with their chests.  Doug shot a few Nerf bullets at them individually and then as a group as they flexed their muscles.

Laser Vision
 Each of them took turn concentrating and developing their laser vision by staring at Captain America's Shield.  Doug had my older son shoot a laser pointer on the shield as they stared at it...Laser vision.  If you look closely you can see the green dot of the laser on the star.

Target practice
Next, the junior Superheroes practiced their aim by hurling Captain America's shield and fake bombs at cups stacked on stools. 

 Lava Pit: Mastering Balance.
I found this idea HERE .... it was tricky but fun. I think our pool could have been a little better inflated.  We chose not to put "hot lava" in the pool, the kids just used their imagination.

After all the training activities we sent them to the "Refueling Station" for lunch.  Simply sandwiches, fruit, chips and drinks.

When they had finished refueling, Doug informed them that some bad guys had infiltrated the Hall of Justice outside and had surrounded it with chunks of Kryptonite (rocks spray-painted with neon green)
They all raced outside to gather it up before Superman completely lost his powers.

Then the Bad Guys (older siblings in masks) showed up to try and take over the Hall of Justice, so the superheros fought them off with water balloons using the super skills that they had just mastered.

Finally, when the war was over, we all came in for cake and presents.  For the cake I basically cut up a 9 X 13 cake and pieced it into the Superman symbol.  I wanted the outline of the "S" to be dark red, so instead of dumping more and more food coloring into the red frosting I adding a little cocoa powder to it and it turned out perfectly!

In the party bags we gave suckers, stickers, super hero candy from the dollar store, green Gak labeled Kryponite putty,and a few of the Kryptonite rocks.  I saw this great tutorial on Pinterest.  Unfortunately I couldn't find clear glue to use, but we still got a good slimy green out of it.

My kids always want to help with the decorations for their parties.  I had them color some coloring book pages for the wall.  This could also be used as a gathering activity.

We also had a little sign in table by the front door where they got a name tag and signed their super hero names onto the welcome sign, though not everyone wanted to.  A few of them stuck their nametags to it as they left.

 Well, that's a wrap! It was a bit of work but a ton of fun. Hopefully these tips are helpful if you plan on having a party like this. If you do, I'd love to know how it turns out. For more Superhero Party ideas I've used see these other posts...