Baby gifts to go!

I went to a baby shower this weekend and made a couple of gifts to give, a beach ball, and a stroller blanket.,

As usual , I finished them up just before I walked out the door.  I really need to think ahead a little better.  Anyway, I snapped these shots so fast I didn't even get a picture of the full blanket.  It's David Walker Robots fabric backed with Minky dots in baby blue.   I added ribbon tags on just one side to play with and attach at toy or two.

I saw this post on MOM and was reminded of this great Fabric Beach Ball tutorial!  These sew up so fast.  I copied Liz and put a little Jingle bell in it as well.  We still play with the one she made Luke when he was a baby.

Now I'm off to finish a shirt for the Sewing for Boys Sew along.  Hope you have a fun project in the works too!

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