Stegosaurus Tee

I'm squeaking my entry into the Sewing for Boys sew along tonight.  I made a Raw Edge Raglan Tee.  Here's my model.

He was so thrilled that I made him a shirt.  

When it was all done, he requested that I put a dinosaur on it.  He's just too cute to not honor his wish, so tonight I did just that.  Here it is with a Stegosaurus applique.  I used another piece of knit and traced around it with a washable marker. Then sewed around the inside of the markings.

To make sure the knit piece stayed in place while I stitched, I used my handy dandy Quilt basting Spray.  Love that stuff!  It worked like a dream.

 Then I just clipped around the Stegosaurus with sharp scissors and cut off the markings.

I'm excited for my little man to see it in the morning.

So a few words about this pattern. I love the design!  I wasn't sure about the raw edges but when he wears it, they don't bother me so much.  The sleeves and bottom are to remain with no hem.  I'm curious to see how they will wear at the side seams.  All in all, I will be making this again.  I might reverse the instructions and try sewing one with the raw edges tucked neatly inside.  We'll see.

Good Night!


  1. Sew cute! I might need to get this book to sew things for my boys.

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  3. super cute - i want to try this.