Work in Not So Happy Progress

Hi there...just checking in to do a little venting.   I almost finished a little mini quilt this weekend.  I totally love how the top turned out.  More details to come soon I hope.

 You see, I went to machine quilt it and  ran into a very frustrating problem.  My machine is skipping stitches like crazy.   Ugh!  Especially frustrating since it was just in the shop for a little tune-up.  I scoured quilting blogs for some suggestions on this problem and have determined after A LOTof trial and error that it might be the thread I'm using.  Need to go buy more thread.  Crossing my fingers that it will solve the problem.

I love to sew, but this hobby certainly has it's bumps in the road from time to time.  I guess the sweet has to have it's sour.   Thank goodness for seam rippers.

On a more positive note. I will be teaching a little sewing class at church this week.  I'm excited!! I love teaching people to sew!

Hope all your works in progress are a little happier than mine!


  1. I am sure you have tried this but have you adjusted the tension. And the other thing I have done in the past is to run the thread over a candle. If you put a bit near where the thread spool is held it does it automatically. To remove the wax you iron it with something that will soak up the wax - I think. Please try this on a waste piece of fabric first!!!!!
    I generally use the candle method for teddy bears, I have never used it for quilts but if you look up how to remove spilt wax it should work.
    Good luck - hope you can find a solution.

  2. I'm afraid I have nothing to contribute to helping you, when my machine is being an £$"%% I usually just get a piece of scrap cloth and sew and sew and sew and it rights itself!! However, despite the quilting "issues", the quilt is gorgeous, beautiful pattern and lovely fabrics