Fabric Love

One thing I love about the online/blog community is that I get exposed to all kinds of beautiful fabric.  I really love Anna Maria Horner's fabric and I am always on the lookout for sale on her decorator weight prints.  They are perfect for purses and pillow and even skirts.  I found these lovely cuts on sale on Etsy and I have been eyeing them for a while. A couple of weeks ago I bought them. Fabric from this Drawing Room Collection is becoming scarce.

Last week I was reading Made On Maple and saw that Liz found some serious deals at Michael Levine in the LA fabric district.  I saw some fabric in the pictures that I had been searching for (the teal fabric I made my own bag with) and it was on serious discount.  I checked online and they had it for sale still!  With a couple of clicks of a button I had yards of beautiful fabric heading my way.  It arrived in the mail today!

Of course I couldn't buy just one fabric, I also bought a couple of yards of a couple more as well.

You should see the beautiful curtains Liz made with the pink/red and yellow/blue fabric.  I want them in my house.

Now I have a stack of really lovely fabric waiting to be sewn up into something wonderful.

What are your lastest fabric purchases?


  1. They didn't have that pink and orange print in the showroom or it would have been part of my collection. Have fun!! Love all your new fabrics!

  2. I love that red and pink print! You have such fabulous taste in fabric.

  3. I am anew follower and I just had to comment on this fabric! It is gorgeous! have you made anything with it yet?