Quilt Market Day 1

We are here in Houston at the International Quilt Market. It has been such a fun adventure so far. Today was Schoolhouse. All day long there were mini classes to attend that were taught by manufacturers, pattern writers, and fabric designers that will be exhibiting their booths throughout the weekend. There were a ton of great classes to choose from. Of course my favorites were the fabric designers. Most were showcasing their new lines and showing some of their samples they had made for their booths, all geared toward helping get their names out to quilt shop owners who would stock their stuff. Here are a few phone pics.


Anna Maria Horner and Valorie wells (in yellow)
Tula Pink
Some of the designers even have lines of Rayon fabrics coming out for fashion sewing. I am excited to try them out.
Tonight we ventured to the Sample spree. Where a variety of vendors sell new fabrics and patterns and other sewing items for wholesale prices. It is seriously a mad house. Everyone was scrambling for stacks of fabrics. I bought a few things I'll show you sometime when I get pictures.
Caroline checking out the $5 packs of thread.
I haven't had any luck posting to facebook today but you can follow me on instagram if you want to see more pictures #smark007. Now I'm off to sleep. Busy day tomorrow.

Oh and my sister and mom came to meet us here as well. We are having a ton of fun.

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  1. Sarah, just loved meeting you and Caroline at QM! Let's stay in touch.