A Bag for Sis, a Dress For Me!!!

My sister came to town last week to surprise me for my birthday.  It was pretty much the best surprise EVER!

The day before she left we spent all our free time sewing. Her goal was to leave with a finished project...and she did! We made her a bag out of some awesome Tula Pink laminate fabric.

We used an I Thnk Sew Pattern for this one and customized the pockets a bit.  Laminate fabric on a bag is lovely. I think I want one too!

After the bag was done she made me cut out a dress.  She is such a slave driver! :)  Well I'm thankful for my slave driving sister because now I have something new and cute to wear!!! This is a momentous occasion.  I think the last time I made a dress for myself was before I got married, more than 15 years ago. Could that be right? Anyway, here it is.

I used The Shift Dress pattern by Favorite Things.  I love it!  It is so comfortable and pretty simple to make.

   I followed SewCaroline's lead and cinched the elastic on the backing a bit more than is suggested to give it more of a waist.

It is meant to be finished a little bit looser.

Here are a few more views.  Please excuse my un-posed faces. Dear Caroline, thank you for taking my pictures. Next time I promise to stop talking during the shoot. :) 

I really like the sleeves and neckline.  I thought the sleeves would be a little too poofy for me but I don't mind them. They are very loose and comfortable. 

It is so comfortable, in fact that I think I'll make another one. 

I think this would look great with a belt as well, and a beautiful colorful necklace.  I guess it's time to go shopping. :)

Hopefully I can finish the next one before another 15 years passes!

Oh and don't forget to enter the Soccer Mom/Sew Sweetness Giveaway! There are just a couple of days left.

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  1. Slave driver! Ha! I am good at making other people work, just not myself ;) I guess that's the definition of slave driver, huh? ;) I'm glad I "made" you make your dress! It's soooo cute :) Thanks for letting me jump into your life for a week. It was so fun! I wish I could do it once every month! Think of all the projects we would get done!

  2. I love the dress! It looks great!

  3. The dress looks great on you! I've been seeing the Shift Dress a lot lately...I may have to try making it myself.

  4. Sew cute, Sarah! Looks comfy too!