Fabric Field Trip Friday-Sew Central

I went on a little field trip last week with my friend Caroline to check out a couple of semi-local fabric stores. Saturday is Local Quilt Shop Day so I thought it would be fun to share my local shops with you over the next couple of days.   First up we visited Sew Central located in Merritt Island, FL. Would you like a tour?

 It is a little bit of a hike from me and I didn't even know it existed until we met up with the owners on the way to quilt market last fall. I'm so glad we decided to check out their store.  They have great thing going on over there. 

Of course they sell fabric but not just quilting fabric.  They teach a lot of garment classes so they have quite a collection of apparel fabrics as well. Sometimes it's hard to find good knits, and they have them!

They also have a sweet set up for their classes.  They point a camera on what the teacher is looking at so the students get a one on one perspective. What a great idea!

I loved this chart of all the ways you can finish a seam.

Here are a few more pictures to enjoy. 

 Notions galore!

All in all just a great store with a fresh take on your traditional quilt shop.  They have quite a variety of fun classes offered that would appeal to all ages. Thanks Sew Central!
 Keep inspiring people to sew. 

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  1. Love this! Thanks for the review! I think Bethany and I will have to take a field trip too!