WIP: My Honeybell Quilt

Today I have a little work in progress to share that I'm kind of excited about and a little nervous too. I'm also kind of stuck on it so I'd appreciate any advice you can give.  I joined in the Mini Log Cabin Sewalong at Sew Can She and have been making little orange log cabins.
There is a little local Quilt Show here asking for submissions of Florida inspired quilts, so I thought I'd kill two with one stone and sew up a quilt inspired by the Honeybell tree in my backyard using the mini log cabins as the oranges.  Here is my little master plan.

So far I have the top mostly put togther and am adding white to fill up the space around the tree.

I like how it's turning out but I suddenly am worrying what I'm going to do once I have the tree done.  Do I put a border on it? if so what color? How should I quilt it? I'm not sure what I was thinking here, thinking I could design my own quilt and enter it into a quilt show.  I'm pretty sure my "I think I can do anything" curse has go me into trouble this time. But I'm determined to finish it so if you have any suggestions please I'll take them.
As I have been slowly piecing this together I've been contemplating why making quilts intimidates me so much.   I think its because they seem to be so time consuming compared to the other sewing projects I do.  Plus, there is so much I just don't know about quilting.  Is this even the right way to press these seams?
 So I decided to try to enjoy the process instead of thinking about how long it is going to take to finish.  And you know, piecing together a quilt is kind of relaxing.  That is, until my thoughts wander back to worry over how this one's going to turn out of course. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love this. Here is a quilting idea, on the tree do a bunch of concentric circles, directly on the log cabins, makes the very blocky tree look a little softer and the log cabins more like oranges.

  2. I love your tree! Why not quilt a leaf motif on the green part. I agree with above comment on circles for the fruit or even spirals

    1. Thanks Leslie! Leafs would be fun on the green. :)