Christmas Crafternoon: DIY Felt Candy Cane Ornaments

DIY Felt Candy Cane Ornaments 
Hello Sewing friends! Today we are making candy canes.  Red and white striped candy canes always make me think about Christmas. We always hang candy canes on the Christmas tree, sometimes they are real and sometimes not. For the past several years we have had these lovely felt candy cane ornaments on the tree. My mom made them and I think they are just so cute. Do you know whose Christmas Tree they would look great on? YOURS! 

How to make a Felt Candy Cane

These felt candy canes are so quick, easy and inexpensive to make. They look so cute on top of a present too.
DIY Felt Candy Cane Ornament - Present topper

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Materials Needed:

White Crafting Felt (each 9x12 sheet will make 2 candy canes)
Red Pipe Cleaners (2 for each candy cane)
Coordinating 3/8 inch Ribbon
Low temp glue gun
Wire Cutters
DIY Felt Candy Cane Ornament - supplies needed

Let's Get Started! 

Fold your sheet of felt in half, matching the short sides together. Cut along the folded edge to make two 9x6 inch pieces. Then, cut 1 inch off to make each piece 8x6. Next, using your wire cutters, cut 1 pipe cleaner to be the match the length of the long side of the rectangle. 

DIY Felt Candy Cane Ornament - step by step photos

Run a bead of glue along the long edge and press the pipe cleaner on top of the 
glue to adhere it to the felt. Roll the felt tightly around the pipe cleaner. When you get to the end, run another bead of glue along the edge and then press against the felt to secure the edge and complete the roll.  
Step by step photos DIY Felt Candy Cane Ornament

Put a dot of glue on the edge of the felt roll and press the end of a pipe cleaner into it. Wind the pipe cleaner snugly around the felt roll. Secure the end of the pipe cleaner to the edge of the felt roll with a dot of glue. 
DIY Felt Candy Cane Ornament - Step by step photos

Bend to make a Candy Cane shape and voila! You are done! Wasn't that so fast? 

Add a bow to finish it off, and then go make another one! These will look great on a tree - they don't even need a hanger, you just hook them on! 
DIY Felt Candy Cane Ornament

Now, go make a few more! 
DIY Felt Candy Cane Ornament

Happy Crafting!!

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