My Sewing Space

Sewing table organization
One thing that is consistent in my life is that my sewing space is always changing. I rarely have a designated room where I get to sew. But I always give myself a designated space because sewing is a part of me. I love it! I always want to be able to make things and it is so much easier to sew when your machine is set out and ready. It's easy to set up a sewing space in a closet or a corner of a room. Currently, mine is to the side of my bedroom 
Sewing table organization

I love that it's by a big window where light pours in during the day. I use my old kitchen table that I painted white a few years ago. I have a small ironing board that I recovered with pretty Conservatory fabric...

and I love my little pink Mini Oliso iron I bought myself for Christmas. 

I currently sew on a Bernina B 380. I have had it for the last 7 years or so and now I am used to it, but I used to have a Pfaff that I liked better. 

Where's all my fabric? It's in my closet. I don't have room for everything out here so I have a shelf in the closet where I keep it. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in seeing that set up too. I Have big board in front of it all right now because I teach VIPKID classes in there in the mornings. It's not perfect but it works for now. 

Now what about you? Where do you sew?  Tell me in the comments or show me on intstagram. Tag me @bluesusanmakes and let me see.

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