Sew Your Scraps Challenge Sewing Progress

Hello Sewing Friends! As you know I have been sewing my way through my scraps and trying to get in at least 15 minutes a day sewing them together. I finished up my BLUE blocks today and I just have to sew up my ORANGES and REDS. then I'll have enough to make my rainbow quilt. 

 If you are new here you can read all about my personal challenge THIS POST. Of course I'd love to have you sew along with me. Here is where I started!

And here are the colors I've sewn together so far.

Purple scrap blocks, Sew your scraps challenge

Blue Scrap Blocks - Sew your scraps challenge

Green Scrap Blocks - Sew your scraps challenge

Yellow Scrap Blocks - Sew your scraps challenge

As you can see I'm piecing them VERY randomly. I'm just making sure that the same fabrics are not right next to each other. I have also noticed that it looks a little better if I put lighter fabrics next to darker fabrics and balance those tones out evenly throughout the piece. But really I don't think too hard about it. I have a Highlight bubble saved on my Instagram account where I explain my process as I sew them together if you want to check it out. 

I am getting excited about the possibilities of sewing all these scraps together! What about you? Are you sewing your scraps along with me? Share them and tag me on Instagram @bluesusanmakes. Or leave me a comment below and tell me what you are making today!
Happy Sewing!

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