Tuesday, November 9, 2021

How to Make a Reusable Gift Bag

Hello Sewing friends! It's no secret that I love making bags and today I'm going to share with you how to make an easy reusable gift bag. The Holidays are upon us and sometimes I don't have time to make something special for everyone but I still like to give a gift with a touch of handmade.  Stuff these easy to sew bags with a package of baked goods, candy bars, lotion, a cozy scarf, or some fun socks and you'll have the perfect gift for a best friend, neighbor, or teacher. (Mine are holding a package of store bought cookies). Come learn how to make them! 

Monday, November 8, 2021

How to Sew a Wristlet Key Fob

Pretty floral key fobs
It is craft fair season and even though I don't get to sell at a craft fair this year I want to show you how I make one of my very favorite things to sell... Keychains! I guess Wristlet Key Fob is a more accurate name but whatever you call them, they are everyone's favorite gift! Teachers, girlfriends, moms, and sisters all love them. Snap them to your ring of keys and they are so much easier to find.  They are easy and fast to make and a great thing to make to sell at a craft fair. 

Monday, November 1, 2021

Tom - the Hero from Beast Quest

Tom from Beast Quest - costume details

Hello Sewing friends! Anyone else have a "Halloween hangover"? Too much junk food for me. I'm showing off my son's finished costume today. Introducing Tom, the hero from Beast Quest. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

3 Free Little Boy Tie patterns - Sew a Tie for Halloween

Halloween little boys tie

Halloween is on Sunday this year! 

Which means I'll be adding some Halloween fabric to our Sunday attire.  I'm sewing up fun Halloween neckties this week for my boys to wear with some left over Halloween Bats fabric. And for the girls, stitch up a cute Tie scrunchie to top off a pony tail with this Tie Scrunchie tutorial.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Call for Pattern Testers!

Hello Sewing Friends!! Where are my last minute costume makers? This message is for you!  I have my Baby Bumble Bee Costume PDF pattern all ready to test and I would love to have a some of you try it out for FREE this year. I know, so. last. minute. But that's how I roll and you definitely have time to sew this up this week. Would you like to Bring home a Baby Bumblebee this Halloween? Get the details below!

This PDF Sewing pattern includes sizes from Newborn to 4T along with plenty of photos and step by step instructions to help you along the way. It's written for a confident beginner and the supplies you need can be easily found at your local fabric/craft store. Please leave a comment below or email me (sarahmarkos  @  gmail.com) if you are interested in giving this a try and willing to give me some feedback a couple of weeks from now.
Here are the sizing charts and supplies  if you want to get a head start on gathering them.

Baby Bumblebee Body  Size Chart - Fabric Requirements




Black polar fleece

Yellow polar fleece

1/4’’ elastic


5-8 lbs

17-21 inches

1/2 yd

1/4 yd


0-3 month

8-12 lbs

21-24 inches

1/2 yd

1/4 yd


3-6 months

12-16 lbs

24-26 inches

5/8 yd

1/4 yd


6-12 months

16-24 lbs

26-30 inches

5/8 yd

1/4 yd


18 months

24-28 lbs

30-33 inches

5/8 yd

1/4 yd



28-32 lbs

33-35 inches

2/3 yd

1/4 yd



32-36 lbs

35-38 inches

2/3 yd

1/4 yd



35-39 lbs

38-41 inches

3/4 yd

1/4 yd


For the Body, Hat, and Stinger

1/2 - 2/3  yd Black Polar Fleece (see Size Chart above)

1/4 yd Yellow Polar Fleece or Felt for the stripes

15-20 inches of 1/4 inch elastic  (see Size Chart) for the leg openings

Black twill Snap Tape with 3 snaps for the bottom closure (sold by the yard) or three sew-in snaps 

3” length of narrow black elastic for the loop closure at neck

1/2‘’ black button

1 black 12’’ pipe cleaner for the antennae

2 yellow pom poms, 1-1 ½’’ diameter

For the Wings

2 squares about 13’’x 13’’ of white quilting cotton for the wings 

1 scant 13’’ x 13’’ square of double sided iron on adhesive such as Heat n bond Ultra.

12  white 12” pipe cleaners for around the wings

1  black 12” pipe cleaner for wing center

Additional supplies

Printed PDF pattern sheets (pgs. 20-31)

Yellow and black thread

Needle for hand sewing

Safety pin for threading elastic

Glue stick

Hot glue gun or tacky glue

Wire cutters or old scissors to cut the pipe cleaners


This pattern has been YEARS in the making! I sewed up my
 first version as my baby's first Halloween costume 21 years ago. All of my kids wore it as their first costumes too. I have always wanted to turn it into a pattern and each year I work a little on it. This is my first pattern with multiple sizes and there is  A LOT to  wrap your head around. I would love to hear your feedback and help me make it great!!  And if you are in the throws of working on sewing up your Halloween costumes.... Good Luck! Leave a comment and let me know what you are sewing. 

Happy Halloween Sewing!! 


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

DIY Jack Skellington costume

DIY Jack Skellington costume
 Presenting Jack Skellington! It has been a whirlwind over here since I got back from Quilt Market (pictures to come soon I promise!) and I basically hit the ground running as soon as I got off the plane, but lets get to the real story...Halloween Costumes! I love making Halloween Costumes! This year I was a bit pressed for time so I'm thankful only one of my kids requested a specific costume that needed sewing up. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

DIY Hulk Costume - How to Sew Muscles

How to Sew Muscles in a costume

I LOVE Halloween!  We are so excited that it is almost here.  Mostly what I love about Halloween is the challenge of making my kid's Halloween Costumes.  This weekend I had a little extra time on my hands so I figured out how to make a simple Hulk costume, complete with muscles. Come see how to sew muscles in a costume.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Monster Donut Pops

Monster Pops!! If you follow me on instagram @bluesusanmakes you've already seen them. Here is a closer look at these fun treats I made these to take to Jack's class for his birthday.  We were going to take chocolate chip cookies but we were walking through the grocery store and he spotted donuts to take instead.  I told them I might be able turn them into something fun and he said go for it.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Bat Scrunchies

Happy October! I woke up to a fun notification that I sold another Bat Scrunchie on Etsy and I am super excited that it's almost HALLOWEEN!! I think these Bat Scrunchies are a fun addition to a braid or a bun for a little Halloween dress up fun.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

How to Make Big Felt Bats for Outdoor Halloween Decor

Outdoor Halloween decor - felt bats

 Hello crafting friends! Tomorrow is October 1st and I'm getting ready to decorate for Halloween this weekend. I love Halloween!  Usually I spend more time decorating the inside of my house than the outside but greeting those trick or treaters with a little fun is important too. Last year I used my free bat pillow pattern to cut out some big felt bats. I hung them up around my garage and I think they turned out so fun that I'm hanging them up again this year. Such an easy way to decorate!