Baby Zoo Animal Softies to Sew: Hand illustrated PDF Patterns

Baby Zoo Animal Softies to Sew - PDF patterns by Sew Nedra

This is Rachel, Sarah's sister. My mom, Nedra, and I have hacked Sarah's blog to show off the softie patterns we have listed in the Etsy Shop. Nedra designed all of these and we had a whole lot of fun sewing them up. 

Visiting Bee’s Quilt Shop and Studio – St. Augustine FL


Bee’s Quilt Shop and Studio – St. Augustine FL

Hello Sewing Friends! I had a fun weekend in St. Augustine and we decided to stop at a cute quilt shop on our way out. Bee’s Quilt Shopand Studio did not disappoint! Come with me for a peek inside!

Sweet Caroline Girlfriend Clutch and an Easy Baby Shower gift

Sweet Caroline Girlfriend clutch - Leather accents - Strip Piecing quilted front

Hello!! Check out my fun experiment  using a strip quilting technique on this Girlfriend Clutch.  I had a little fun at my sewing machine trying something new.

Experimenting with Mini Pouches to make a Cell Phone Pouch

Experimenting with Mini Pouches to make a Cell Phone PouchOne year made a Cell Phone Zipper Pouch for a friend that took a little experimenting.  (Take #1 is on the Right, Take #2 is on the Left) We finally got it right and discovered a few things I thought I'd share.

How to Sew an Invisible Zipper in a Pillow

Hello Sewing friends!! I have a fun make to show you today!! I sewed up this beautiful pillow for  my sister's birthday and I am in love with how it turned out. I made it using the Patchwork Prism Pattern designed by Anna Maria Horner for Janome

Sparkle Quilt Block and Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Sparkle Quilt Block and Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Hello Sewing Friends! I have a new zipper pouch to share with you today. The Sparkle Pouch! I love the idea of putting a quilt on everyday things and you can never have enough zipper pouches to help organize your life. But it's not just another zipper pouch. It's a symbol with intention behind it.

Alien Self Portraits: Art Lessons with Grandma

Alien Self Portrait - kid art lesson - Art Lessons with Grandma
We are starting up our Sunday Art Lessons with Grandma again. I'm excited to share what we did yesterday. Grab some paper and markers and come make Alien Self Portraits with us!

10 Must have Sewing Tools that Make Sewing Easier and More Fun

10 Must have Sewing Tools for Easy Sewing - Go beyond the basics to make Sewing more enjoyable

If you know me at all you know I'm a basics girl. I don't need all the extra in any area of my life. I'm usually not one to go out and try all the new things and rely on just the right gadgets to do the job. BUT, I have found that going beyond the basics and having the right sewing tools for the job really does make sewing so much easier and less frustrating. Less frustration means more sewing satisfaction and keeps me coming back for more. So here is a round up of the 'beyond the basic' sewing tools I keep at my fingertips to make my sewing life easier and fun.  

DIY 4th of July T-Shirt Kit: The Perfect Summer Craft for Kids

How to make a 4th of July T-shirt

Want to be crafty but don't have all the supplies on hand to make that happen? I found the perfect T-Shirt kit for you. Get all the supplies you need to make your own 4th of July shirt delivered to your door in one easy package. 

Sew a Set of Silky Pillowcase with Tricot Fabric

Have you ever slept on a silky pillowcase? They are cool, soft, and luxurious and some people in my family can't sleep without them! I sew a batch of these every few years and it can be a little tricky to sew with silky fabric. Today I'm sharing my best tips and tricks for making a pillowcase out of silky tricot fabric.