Onward and Upward Quilt

 Hello Sewing friends, I finished a quilt this week!! This quilt was one of those unfinished quilt tops that has been waiting in the closet forever. I love how it turned out!! I love the movement produced by the repeated graduated colors so I named it the Onward and Upward Quilt. 

DIY Diaper Bag PDF Sewing Pattern Available Now

DIY Diaper Bag PDF Sewing Pattern - Sarah Markos - Blue Susan Makes

Hello Sewing friends! I'm happy to report that my DIY Diaper Bag tutorial is now available as a PDF Download for sale in my Etsy shop. I love this bag! It is just one big zipper pouch with loads of pockets and handles! 

Craft Fair Display: 9 Tips to Set up a Beautiful Booth

It's Craft fair season and I always get the itch to sew up a bunch of things to sell around this time of year. There is nothing like the thrill of seeing someone browse and buy your handmade items. I usually team up with another maker and share a booth and we ALWAYS get compliments on our setup and display. So today I'm going to give you some tips and ideas to help you make your booth look inviting and let your products shine. 

DIY Drawstring Skirt with Draft your own Pattern Instructions

DIY Drawstring Skirt tutorial - Blue Susan Makes
I made a drawstring skirt! It is so comfy and lightweight and it's helping me to survive the Florida summer heat.  I have a drawstring skirt just like this one that I have loved so much, so I got out my sewing machined and used it as a pattern to make a new one. This is one of my favorite things to do with my sewing skills...make a pattern out of something old to make something new. I would love to teach you how to do this too! 

How to Sew an Invisible Zipper in a Pillow

Hello Sewing friends!! I have a fun make to show you today!! I sewed up this beautiful pillow for  my sister's birthday and I am in love with how it turned out. I made it using the Patchwork Prism Pattern designed by Anna Maria Horner for Janome

DIY Reusable Cotton Rounds with Storage Bin

DIY Reusable Cotton Rounds with Storage Bin free pattern

Do you use cotton rounds to remove your makeup? They save my washcloths from stains but I don't like that they leave little cotton bits stuck to my eyelashes. The good news is that it's easy to make a bunch of reusable cotton rounds that work just as well at removing makeup without the leftover lint. Come learn how...

Sparkle Quilt Block and Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Sparkle Quilt Block and Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Hello Sewing Friends! I have a new zipper pouch to share with you today. The Sparkle Pouch! I love the idea of putting a quilt on everyday things and you can never have enough zipper pouches to help organize your life. But it's not just another zipper pouch. It's a symbol with intention behind it.

What is a Walking Foot?

What is a Walking Foot used for?

Do you use a Walking Foot when you sew? If not, I'm here to tell you it will up your sewing game and reduce frustration if you make quilts or handbags. Come learn all about how, why, and when to use a Walking Foot.

Perfect Fabric Purse Handle Tutorial

Perfect Fabric Purse Handles - DIY Fabric Purse Handles - Blue Susan Makes

I love the look of pre-made leather handles on a handbag but I don't love how pricey they sometimes are to purchase.  In our book Just for You: Selfish Sewing there's a pattern for a handbag called the Crafty Satchel (designed by Sara Lawson) that calls for pre-made leather handles. Today I'm going to show you how to make DIY "pre-made" handles that you can use as an alternative to purchased leather handles.