Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Makes

Phew! It has been way to long since I posted here. I have been making things like crazy! I did another craft show on Saturday, and have another one this Friday night.  ( Down Town Eau Gallie Art Walk from 5-9pm, for any of you interested locals.)

Anyhow I just wanted to report on our Halloween weekend. 

First of all the Halloween ties could not be appropriately modeled until Halloween of course, so here they are.  Complete with Halloween scary faces. A big thank you to Doug who tied and retied all those ties till he got them right.

I followed the Purl Bee tutorial for the Little boys tie. I had a few technical difficulties.  My tie shape consistently ended up to be too wide for the interfacing pattern, so I had to cut a new interfacing for the two big boys' ties.   I didn't want Lukes to be as wide so I narrowed the main fabric pattern a little to match the interfacing pattern that it came with and it turned out perfectly.

Here's Mer's Candycorn skirt outfit.  We hot glued candy corns to some earrings and, at the last minute, cut a strip of fabric on the bias for a headband.

Here are the costumes

Luke Skywalker. I made the little Kimono type shirt that I copied and shrunk from Max's Tai Kwon Do uniform. For the boots I mummified some rainboots with strips of fabric and tacky glue. I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping it will soak off for future rainboot use.

 Han Solo was easy,  I just had to resize a shirt I found at goodwill and everything else we had on hand.

For the Sniper I again resized some goodwill clothes and  stitched some spanish moss to a bandana

The most labor intensive costume was the M&M queen. Hot glue was my friend for this one. Mer cut out all her felt circles and drew an "m" on them with dimensional fabric paint. Then we just hot glued them all on.  For the skirt we flipped it inside out so we could rip of the felt and she could wear it again another day.
 We hotglued M&M's to the crown and made a litte hoop earrings to match.

 And finally Max got his massive candy corn shirt.  I hot glued this as well since really he was only going to  wear it a couple of times.

And that sums up my Halloween Sewing

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  1. The sniper costume is so COOL!!! Who was the sniper??? I couldn't tell he was so well disguised. ;)

    Darling M&M Queen!

    And of course Jack and Luke are darling!!

    Love the Halloween ties. Where's Doug's??