I Am A Soccer Mom : Soccer/Camping Chair Cover Tutorial

DIY Camping Chair Cover Tutorial - Make a replacement cover for a camping chair

Hi friends!  I'm back today with another sewing tutorial for the Soccer Mom Series. Everyone uses camping chairs to sit on the sidelines at soccer.   The chair covers are always poor quality and rip out before the chair dies, leaving you with a perfectly good chair but no easy way to carry it.  

Metal Tooling and Embossing: Art Lessons with Grandma

Metal Tooling and Embossing: Art Lessons with Grandma

I have another fun art lesson from Grandma for you this week. Adults and teens will want to get in on this one as well. We explored the art of Metal Tooling and Embossing. It's interesting to use your hands to manipulate materials. This is a good one that even my teen boys had fun with. Come see what we learned.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mother!! 
She inspires me to be creative, try anything, be resourceful, worry less about the small stuff, and work hard.  She is such a wonderful example to me and has helped me so much in my life.

  She deserves credit for all my creative abilities.  Since this blog is a place for me to show off my stuff, I thought tonight I'd show off my Mom and just give you a peek at the inspiring lady I grew up with.  

 My mom is one talented lady.  Her skill for solving a problem, fixing a mistake, or making do with what she has is amazing.  She is an artist. I grew up in a house decorated with her oil paintings.  Painting at a family outing to the mountains one summer. 

  She has designed doll clothes her whole life, well at least for as long as I can remember. She has developed her own doll pattern company, Nedra's Fully Illustrated Patterns and has over 60 patterns available. She currently designs for the doll artist Diana Effner. Here are just a few of Mom's pattern designs.

Her workroom is full of anything and everything you would need to create something fabulous.  Of course she doesn't just stick to doll clothes.  She can make anything!  She made my wedding dress, and dresses for all my high school dances.   She makes the majority of the gifts she gives to her grandkids.

 The last several years she has picked up designing jewelry and has a little side business selling it at craft fairs with my sister.  Oh how I wish I lived closer to them.  They met up with me for our Quilt Market trip last Fall.. what fun!

 She and my father are avid gardeners and grow beautiful flowers and vegetables in their park-like yard.

 Anyway thanks for letting me show off my Mom just a little. I am so grateful for her!
Happy Mother's Day to you Mom! I love you!

6 Simple Ways to Avoid Sewing Frustration


6 Ways to Avoid Sewing Frustration - Sewing isn't fun when its frustrating

If you are a beginner to sewing you may be a little intimidated. You may have tried out a sewing project before only to find how frustrating and difficult sewing can be. Sewing is fun except when it is frustrating. I have 6 tips to help make sewing easier and less frustrating. 

Graduation Dress: Sis Boom Jamie Dress Pattern Review

Sis Boom Jamie Dress Pattern Review

School has ended and I am so happy that summer is here. Not for the weather, it gets unbearably hot here, but because there is no homework, minimal schedule, and lots of play time. I sewed up a graduation dress for my daughter with the Sis Boom Jamie Dress Pattern!

The Flip Zip Wallet

The Flip Zip Wallet - Sew a small wallet - Free pattern with Newsletter subscription

Hello Sewing Friends! I'm excited to share my latest downloadable PDF pattern with you today. Introducing The Flip Zip Wallet. It's a small and simple wallet to hold your cards and cash when you are traveling light. Measuring at about 4'' square when finished it can even fit right into your back pocket. Let me tell you more about it...

Soccer Mom: Super Easy Sleeve Tie Tutorial

Hi everyone, This is the last week of our I Am a Soccer Mom series! Today I'm going show you how to make a quick and oh sew easy shoulder sleeve tie, also sometimes called sleeve scrunchies. 

How to use Wooly Nylon thread in a Regular Sewing Machine

I have been sewing summer skirts lately.  I have hesitated to sew knit skirts in the past because it is difficult to hem them with out having the hem look wavy or rippling. But, I found a solution...wooly nylon thread! Have you heard of it?  Today I'm going to show you how you can use it in a regular sewing machine. Let's go learn about wooly nylon...

Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt

Sometimes its fun to just sit down and sew without thinking too hard about the finished product.  That's how quilting is for me. Especially a simple quilt like this one.

Make a Half Square Triangle Quilt

Hello Sewing Friends! This is Rachel again, popping in to show you a quilt I've been working on.   I made half square triangles..... now what!? If you are anything like me, you have come across a charm pack full of a new fabric line that you love and you snatch it up, thinking of all the possibilities. Can you relate?