Happy Pie Day!

HAppy Pie day

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is Pie Day! The day we make all the pies. Do you call it this too? We are traveling today and sadly not making pies but I like to look at the pictures of pies we've made previous years.  This Lemon Merengue Pie is THE BEST. I'm sharing my grandma's recipe in my newsletter on Monday so if you aren't a subscriber, now's your chance to sign up. 

 In my family growing up we always made a pie per person on Thanksgiving. When my kids were little we weren't quite to that level, but now I they are definitely old enough to help me eat all the pie. 

What's your favorite pie? Comment below! Mine's Cherry! 

Happy Pie day

Apron's for Pie Day!!

Pie day is my favorite because we all make pies together in the kitchen. Everyone is helping and working together in anticipation of their delicious reward. But pie making is messy! One year Mer and I made new aprons to wear for our annual pie making day. Here are some throwback shots.
Handmade aprons
  Look how cute this crew is! Here are some keeping it real photos. We paused from our pie making duties to snap a quick picture. I just kind of made up these aprons and am thankful that they just worked out.  Here are the rest of my little helpers, minus one.
Aprons for everyone

Aprons for everyone

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with delicious food and lovely company and of course PIE!!

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