Grand Adventures quilt in CaliMod

Hey Hey Hey.....I'm back today to show you a quilt finish from this past summer. I am beyond excited that I got this finished because it has been a been a long time coming. I originally finished the top of this quilt about 2 years ago and there is whole crazy story that goes with it so read on if you are curious. 

I really don't make quilts all that often and I wanted to try out a new batting because my daughter wanted this quilt fluffy! I remember that I had heard so many things about wool batting and that a wool/poly blend was a good fluffy choice. I was excited to try it and picked up a package of Mountain Mist Wool/Poly Batting from Joann.  It quilted up so nicely and I had it ready to bind pretty quickly. My littlest was potty training at the time and I laid him on the quilt to take a nap on the couch. He peed on it, of course, and I had to wash it before I put the binding on (thankfully I had zig zagged around all the edges in preparation to bind it).

 Well as the quilt came out of the washer I noticed balls of batting clinging to every surface of the quilt. I threw it in the dryer hoping the fluff would be sucked out with the lint and thinking maybe it was because I hadn't bound the quilt fully.  NO LUCK! My lint trap was overflowing and the quilt still had balls of batting stuck all over it, like big obnoxious balls of lint, some being 1/4'' wide. As I pulled them off I saw that the fibers just kept on coming.  The quilt batting was oozing through the fabric. The fibers had wormed their way through and congregated on the outside. I have had this happen occasionally on solids if I use polyester batting but this was over the top. I was so mad! and I came to the conclusion that the only fix was to unpick the quilting and change the batting. So. Much. Work. So I shoved it in bag and threw it into a corner of the closet for a couple of years. But before I did that I took it to the store and showed them the quilt and thankfully they refunded my money in full. I read some reviews online after that fact where someone had the same experience as me. Ugh. I'm just glad that I was able to see it happen instead of sending my daughter off to college with a quilt that would be ruined after it's first washing. Anyway I did un pick it all and spent a LOT of time with a lint roller removing those fibers from the quilt top and bottom. And, YES, I did a victory dance when I finished it this past summer after such an ordeal. I hope your quilting adventures go much more smoothly than mine. 

P.S. For the fabric I used a layer cake of CaliMod by Joel Dewberry that I won from a IG giveaway and the Grand Adventures quilt block from Missouri Star Quilt co. I love this pattern!

P.S.S. Oh and there is a fun Quilt Festival going on over on Instagram you may want to check out. So many beautiful quilts to see there. Look under #igquilfest2021

Happy Sewing!

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