Make an adorable Monster Stuffie

One can never have too many stuffed animals, amiright? You may not agree with me but your child sure will. You can make this adorable DIY monster stuffie and bring a smile to your little one's face.  These Monster "Babies" are so cute and little and not scary at all! 
They are easy to sew, soft and huggable, and perfect for little boys. I'm going to show you how to make them today. 

Sew a Stuffed Monster Toy

Each year at my kids' school they have a Holiday Gift shop and we get volunteer hours if we donate items to sell. We get even more hours if we actually make the items.  Volunteer hours are required to keep my kids enrolled at their school. How fun that I can spend time doing what I love and earning volunteer hours at the same time.  I thought I'd share a quick tutorial for  the cute Monster babies I made one year. I made 25 of these little guys! 

Personalize the Eyes and Smile

It was so much fun to watch each one come alive as I put on the eyes and mouth and stuffed them fat.  They are the perfect combination of little, cute, and cuddly. I was able to use up a bunch of polar fleece scraps that I had on had, bonus! I also like these monster softies because they appeal to both boys and girls alike. It's sometimes hard to sew things for boys that don't end up looking too girly. I have 4 boys, the struggle is real!  Make one to add to  an Easter basket or Christmas stocking! These little buddies finish up to be just 6 inches tall.

How to Sew a Monster Stuffie

SuppliesYou'll need...

1/4 yard of colored fleece for the body 
scraps of white and black felt for the eyes and mouth
matching thread

Cutting Instructions 

Sewing Instructions

1. Sew the pupil to the eye circle- you can choose where to put it but don't go too close to the edge, you'll need to leave room for the stitching around the eye. I just sew the stitches in an X pattern instead of sewing around such a small circle. 

2. Pin the eye to the front of one monster body piece. Position the eye circle about 1'' below the top of the  head. Sew around the eye circle about 1/8'' away from the edge. Go slowly along the curve taking just a couple of stitches at a time. Keep the needle in the down position and lift your presser foot to pivot and turn as needed. Pin and sew the mouth on in the same fashion. You can make it with the teeth pointing down or up. You can also stretch it a little into a curve to make it look like it's smiling or frowning.  

3. Place the 2 body pieces together with the right sides facing each other. Pin them together  along the edges. 

4. Sew around the body with 1/4'' seam allowance.  Keep the needle in the down position and lift your presser foot to pivot and turn as needed. Leave a small opening in the side of one leg. Trim off all of the outside corners and clip into the seam allowance of the inside corners. Be careful not to clip the stitches. 

5.Turn the body right side out through the opening.  Push out the seams and corners and tuck the seam allowance into the opening. Stuff firmly using fiber fill. Using a needle and thread sew the opening closed. 

And you are done! Aren't they so cute! If you like this pattern you might also like my Gingerbread Man Puppet and Softie pattern. You can find it in my Etsy Shop

Happy Sewing!

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