Best Friends Quilt

Best Friends Quilt
 Showing off another little quilt I made years ago that never posted about. (Hence the older photos) This quilt was an experiment, as usual. That's one of the things I love about sewing. Experimenting! Sometimes things turn out well sometimes not. I love how this one turned out but I was very skeptical at first. I challenged myself to choose 2 colors and use mostly old fabrics that I didn't like anymore or thought I'd never use.  I chose pinks for the lights and browns for the darks.

Do you like sewing with "ugly" fabric?

I really like how it turned out now but to tell you the truth, at the time, I just did not love sewing fabric together that I didn't 'like'. I laugh at myself now and have learned that even things you think aren't beautiful individually can be put together in a way to make a beautiful outcome. I used the idea of a traditional Friendship block and kind of smashed light and dark colored stars together so they were touching or holding hands like "best friends".  I also used osnaburg for a border. I love the added texture it brings. Has anyone used Osnaburg in a quilt before? I wonder how it holds up with wash and wear. I gave this to a friend as a baby gift so I don't know. 

For this quilt I tried my hand at orange peel free motion quilting. I don't think I pulled it off quite right. I think next time I'll try marking my lines instead of just eyeballing them. Perhaps my favorite part about the quilt is the back. I used all the rest of the fabrics and just pieced them together in an improv scrappy way. I just love scrappy!

Looking back at this quilt makes me want to try making one again. Let me know if you want a tutorial.

Happy Sewing!