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Scout Book Hanging Pocket Tutorial

Scout Book Hanging Pocket Tutorial - Blue Susan Makes

One of the things I love about having my sewing machine sitting at the ready is that I can quickly sew things for my family and my home as the need arises. This week I used my sewing skills to solve a little organization dilemma, and whipped up a little book pocket for my son's scout book. It has been the perfect solution for busy nights. I'll show you how to make one too!

Big Kid Face Mask - Free Pattern

Hello Sewing Friends!! I don't know about you but it is high time we refreshed our handmade masks over here. My littlest grew out of his small masks so I created a free pattern for one that is just the right size for big kids who don't quite fit into adult sized masks yet. 

My Present to Max

My Max loves wearing a robe. His beloved robe was getting a we bit too short so he asked for a new one for Christmas.  

I just laid out his old one and made cut a new one from the old, adding a little width and length.  Polar fleece is so forgiving. It turned out great despite some minor pattern inconsistencies.  

I left it un-hemmed on the bottom and sleeves just so I could make sure it was the right length. Then I finished it up after Christmas.  Now I have a Happy Max with a robe that fits!