Saturday, March 13, 2010

Knock-off "Folklore Bag"

I've been drooling at all the folklore bags that are being made over at Made on Maple so I just had to copy one. I sewed it up last night, finished it this morning and took it over to our Farmer's market booth that Heather was selling things at....and it SOLD!! for $30. I'm glad I quickly snapped this shot of it before I left. I love how it turned out. I need one for myself!! It's the perfect size. BTW- I've been meaning to tell you all to check out Made on Maple, a cute little sewing blog created recently by my sis-in-law, Liz and my friend Annee. They make a ton of great stuff and are very inspirational. Enjoy!!!


  1. Congrats on the sale!!! Darling purse. Still want the green and brown one; can pay for it on Thursday!

  2. Great knock-off!! It turned out super cute! No surprise that it sold right away!

  3. Great job! Especially without the pattern. Nice work. Congrats on the big sale!!