What is a Bodkin? - The Sewing tool you never knew you needed.


Hello sewing friends. Today I'm here to tell you about a cool sewing tool you never knew you needed. Have you ever heard of a "bodkin"? No? Well you're in luck because today I'm going to tell you all about it and why you need one if you sew bags or clothing. 

What is a bodkin?

A bodkin is a tool used to grasp and hold material to thread it through a casing much like we use a needle to put thread through fabric.  There are a few different types of bodkins but the one I'm showing you today is a like a pair of tweezers with a slide long to hold them closed. Have you ever used a safety pin to pull elastic through a waistband? Well a bodkin does the job 1000 times better and easier. Safety pins pop open so easily and are practically impossible to close again properly when they are in the middle of a waistband. Bodkins rarely pop open and if they do, you can usually attach the elastic again with out pulling it out.  I've used a bodkin most recently when I made my Tie Scrunchies and my Drawstring Skirt

How to use a bodkin

To use the bodkin, slide the locking ring toward the closed end to allow the pincers to open.

Hold the piece of elastic between the pincers and slide the locking ring back toward the elastic. 

Tug on the elastic to make sure it is held securely. Thread it through the casing and work it through to the other end.

Easy peasy!! Let me know if you have one in the comments below.

Happy Sewing!


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