Soccer Mom: Super Easy Sleeve Tie Tutorial

Hi everyone, This is the last week of our I Am a Soccer Mom series! Today I'm going show you how to make a quick and oh sew easy shoulder sleeve tie, also sometimes called sleeve scrunchies.   It is HOT here in Florida. Especially in August, which happens to be when Fall Soccer season starts.  Sometimes the uniforms my kids get are huge and every inch of excess fabric makes you that much hotter.  You can buy sleeve ties or sleeve scrunchies like these to cinch up the excess fabric.  They cost about $5 if you can find them.

Or you can MAKE some for a whole lot less money and only a little bit of effort.  Actually I think you could make enough for the whole team in just an hour.  Plus you can customize them and make them match your uniform.

All you need is a little Grosgrain Ribbon and some Velcro! I sewed mine together but you could even make these with just a hot glue gun.

First cut two 7 inch lengths of ribbon (you can use any width of ribbon).  Next cut your Velcro to match the ribbon width.

Fold the ribbon over 1/2 inch, place one side of the Velcro over the raw edge and sew around the Velcro. Sew one piece of Velcro to the top of the ribbon and one to the back of the ribbon.

Just tuck the raw edges of the ribbon under each Velcro piece.

A few minutes later and you'll have a couple of sets done. 

Easy Right?

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  1. I made 31 pairs of these for my daughter and her Girls on the Run group - the girls loved them! Thanks for the tutorial and I love this 'Soccer mom' series - we're in the middle of soccer and baseball, so thank you!

  2. Way to go Alison! Thanks for reading and trying out the tutorial you made my day. If you have a picture of them I'd love it if you'd upload it into flickr account and share the inspiration!