IKEA Tent Tote

Luke got a little tent from Ikea for his birthday last month.  (yes it's crooked because he's already bent one of the poles..errg) 

Anyway, the tent didn't come with anything to keep it in when the campers are not camping, or laying it on it's side and pretending it's a rocket ship.  So I decided to sew up a little storage bag for it. Voila!

 It seems like it would be about the size of a yoga mat carrier, but all the tutorials that I found seemed a little complicated, so I did the next best thing and figured it out on my own.

It's basically just a cylinder with a drawstring top...

And a little shoulder strap.

And because I'm always curious,  here's what the inside looks like where the drawstrings come out.

I tried to take a few pictures to show you my process of figuring it out, but I turned out doing it differently than I had planned, that's part of the fun right?

Just in case you have a children's tent from Ikea that needs a home, here are the dimesions of the fabric I cut out.

Body-   14 1/2 in X 29 in rectangle
Base-    4 1/2 in diameter circle
Strap-   17 1/2 in X 4 in folded like bias tape and stitched down each side.

I may try to make one of these again because I think it's the perfect size for a couple of kites I have floating around my garage.  If I do I'll take pictures of how I put the circle onto the body and how I made the drawstring entrance point because I like how it turned out way better than the hassle of putting in buttonholes, if you know what I mean.

And now I'm off to bed. No sewing tonight, but that doesn't mean I don't have something to post for tomorrow.  Instead of making something tonight I watched Glee and added some liquid nails to my Kitchen Banquette that is in the works.  I think we are going to add the seat to it tomorrow.  We constructed it a couple of days ago and it's drying.  I have an 80-ish year old neighbor teaching me how to construct it.  Maybe I should think up something to sew for him as a thank you. :)

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