My "Party Skirt"

This weekend I finished up a "Party Skirt" that I started a few weeks ago. 

The hardest think about it was figuring out how much poof to give it with the gathers. My first try with the skirt it ended up looking a bit like tutu.  So  I  ended up unpicking it and taking some of the gathers out.

I made it so the invisible zipper is in the back and I added some side "darts" on the waistband to make it fit me a little better.

Here's what the darts look like on the inside.

This skirt was a little risky for me because I generally steer clear of the is style, but I'm happy with the turn out and it was fun to have something new to wear on Sunday.  And I just love the bow on the front!

Just for fun I am entering it into CrafterHours "Skirt Week" .


Bye for now!


  1. Cute! I'm itching to make a skirt, but I don't need any more! Last year I made a ton of skirts and dresses, and now that we moved it doesn't get nearly as hot...

  2. Looks gorgeous! The darts are a great idea. I don't need extra poufiness around my middle. :)

  3. Super cute!! I will definitely try this tutorial once I get my waistline back. I love the bow in front. Cute ensemble, Sarah!!