I made a Hooded Baby Towel

Hi friends, tonight I get to share with you a little towel set for my darling nephew Henry.  I gave you a little glimpse of it last week...or rather 2 weeks ago :).

Here are a few more pictures so you can get a better view of the hooded towel and washcloth.

I found the tutorial at Sew 4 Home.

I used an Alexander Henry print for the binding and I cut out animals from that print and appliqued them to the hood and to the little washcloth.  I a sucker for animal shapes!  For the towel I bought a RE Fast Dry towel from Target and cut it down to size.  There was enough left over to make the wash cloth, and a second one actually if I wanted to.

If I were to sew this up again I would possibly change the sizing of the hood.  I'm not sure if I just made a mistake reading the directions but I measured 15 inches down from the corner to create the triangle.  When I make this set again I think I will shorten that to 13 in.  It just looked so huge even on my 3 y.o. head.
Lu so did not want to model this for me. Thanks buddy!
Anyway, I loved making this. It was pretty easy and with out the applique you could definitely make this in under an hour.  
Do you know anyone who needs a new baby towel set?

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