A Decade of Halloween Costumes

Oh my, how time flies!  
After my Superman post I thought it might be fun to share the Halloween costumes I've made over the years.  I love making Halloween costumes for my kids.  I think this is true for a few reasons.  First, I love having an idea in my head and trying to make it into a reality.  Better yet is when my kids get a creative idea, draw it up, and we make it happen.  They are so excited to see their dreams come to fruition.   Plus, I become the hero of the day when it gets done. I love it when my kids are impressed with me, which is not too often.  One more reason is that there were a lot of years where I rarely pulled out my sewing machine and indulged in such fun creative making.  I always looked forward to Halloween as guaranteed creative "me time".

Okay, enough talk! Take a walk with me down my Halloween memory lane.

Baby Bumble Bee

Little Monkey

Bumble Bee and Geisha Girl (I didn't make this one)

The Witch and Tiger

Peter Pan and Tink

Pharoah's Wife (Prince of Egypt), Bumble Bee, and
Batman (I just made the cape and pants)

Zorro, Lily the Garden Talent Fairy, Little Monkey

Dracula, Superman, Wonder Woman

Pirate, Pink Alien, Shaka Zulu, Tiger

Ninjas, Superman, and Princess Leia

Luke Skywalker, Sniper, Han Solo...

...and the M&M Queen

You've already seen Superman.  The others will be a Greek Goddess, some type of Army guy, and Captain America.  Captain America really wants to have muscles so confess that I bought his costume. I just didn't have it in me to invent muscles this year.

Hope this has given you a bit of inspiration. I obviously didn't make every bit of all of these costumes.  For some of them I used clothes from Goodwill and altered them to fit little bodies.  For others I used pajamas as patterns and experimented with sewing them up.  The nice thing about sewing a costume is that it will be dark outside so it doesn't have to be perfect.  No one is going to notice your mistakes or if it fits wrong.  You can save time and cheat on the finish work and leave things unhemmed.

Now go get ready for Halloween and Good Luck!!

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