Making Baby gifts....

I have had a little more free time lately and I have been doing a lot of blissful sewing.   I have a bunch of things to share but they are not all photographed yet, so it will be slowly I fear.  There is currently a new baby streak among my friends so I have been sewing baby things again. 

For one of them I made a hooded towel again.  If you want to see the other one's I made they are HERE and HERE.   Are you getting sick of seeing these yet??   I'm not getting sick of sewing them.  Seriously they are so fast. 

 This time I used pre-made bias tape but I just wasn't thinking and I brought home only one package.  2 pkgs are required to go around the whole things so I had to add my own to it.  I still came up a little short, hence no accompanying washcloth.  Sorry Faith!  I tried to make up for it by sending along some diapers too.

Oh and by the way, can I just say that I love blue gingham!!!

Be back soon!