Heart Pillow + Quick Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial

I taught a basic sewing class this week and thought I'd share a little Tutorial on a Fast way to make a Decorator Pillow Cover for all the gals who couldn't make it.  To make my simple pillow cover festive looking, I added a doily inspired felt heart. You can learn how to make one too!!
This is the easiest/fastest way to recover a pillow, it is made from 
one piece of fabric and the back has an envelope closure.

For the heart applique I cut a heart out of felt and traced lines on the back of it about 1/2 inch in and 1 inch in. 

Then I folded the felt on the line and snipped a little triangle out of it about 1/2 inch apart. I staggered the second line cuts in between the first line cuts. 

Now for the rest of the tutorial on how to make the pillow....
Step 1: Cut out your fabric.

Here are the dimensions for other sized pillows
14" pillow- cut 1 rectangle 15" x 36
16" pillow- cut 1 rectangle 17" x 40"
18" pillow- cut 1 rectangle 19" x 44"
          20" pillow- cut 1 rectangle 21" x 48 
2.    Fold short side over ¼ in.  toward wrong side of fabric and press.
      Fold over again about ½ in. and press. 

3.     Topstitch about 3/8 in. away from edge. 
4.     Repeat for other short side. 
5.     With right sides together, fold the finished edges toward the 
center overlapping them by about 4 ½ inches to make an envelope
Most importantly, measure the distance between the folds and 
make sure that it matches the size of the pillow you are making. For
example, if you are covering a 16 inch pillow, make sure the
distance between the folds is 16 inches and adjust the overlap
as needed.  
 6.     Pin both sides together and stitch along sides ½ inch away from 
edge.  Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and ending of 
each side. 
 7.     Turn envelope right side out and push out the corners.  Press flat 
and insert your pillow. 
You made it, enjoy it!!  Now use this tutorial to go teach a friend to 
make one too! 

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