Back to School Backpack

My kids have been back to school for about 3 weeks now and I have to say it is nice to have found a little extra time to myself ( a few preschool hours at least).  It has been a long time coming.  Anyhow I have been promising to post pictures of the backpack Mer and I made for school.
She requested another Recycled Jeans backpack.  She wore out my old college one after deciding her Mary Poppins one was too juvenile.  I snapped a few pictures of it this morning so you could see the details.

It has a drawstring closure.

The straps are not adjustable this time..I didn't have enough Jeans leftover to make them long enough to adjust

Here's what it looks like on the inside.  We used the front of the jeans to make a pocket

I serged all the raw edges and topstitched  the whole thing down.

She requested zipper pockets on the outside and we figured out a way to make it happen..

For the fabric we used an entire pair of old jeans (except the back pockets), the main fabric is from the outdoor fabric section from JoAnn.  The inside is black canvas and cotton.  We ended up sewing this the day before school. She picked the fabric and sewed and prepped a lot of it to make sure it would be done on time. I am so proud of this girl.


  1. awesome backpack!She looks like she likes it!

  2. The backpack is incredible!!! Do you have a tutorial for it, please?

    1. Thanks! No tutorial, but I do have a pattern in the works. Send me your email address if you want to be one of my testers .:)

    2. Have a student interested in sewing this! Can you send the test pattern? Thanks, Sonja