Halloween Costumes 2012

I'm interrupting my plans for one last quilt market recap to show off the rest of this year's Halloween costumes and how I pulled them off.

Of course you already saw the Hulk.  

Because we had a cold snap I had to whip up some Hulk legs as well.  I didn't have enough fabric left over to make full pants so I just made the legs in a sleeve type shape and hand stitched them to a pair of underwear. He had to persuaded to put them on but they were perfect I think. 

Next up is Captain Jack Sparrow. 

Of course the headscarf and sash were easy.  The Vest was made using an t-shirt for a pattern.  I used hem tape to bind the sleeve holes and the neck.  For more detail I could have added covered buttons, but I try to do everything on the quick and easy for Halloween Costumes. 

 For the hair I used chunky yarn and stitched it up in a line.  I made a few lines of stitching to make it easy to lay flat when putting it on. We just laid it over the top of his head and then tied the scarf around it. We added some wood beads to some hair strands in the front too.
Next up, Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings

I'm so happy about how this one turned out.  I wasn't sure if I was going to pull this off.  I sewed the cloak out of faux suede using this tutorial.  Originally it turned out way too huge for my 10 year old so I had to cut it down a bit.  For future reference the hood dimensions were 22" X 13", and the cape was about 41" X 50". I also sewed a curve in the hood so it wasn't so pointy.

My Mom made the leaf pin. Thank you Mom!!  The leaf came from Hobby Lobby, she wrapped copper wire around it, we added a pin to the back, and Max colored it with a green sharpie.

The tunic is made out of polyester suiting material and is completely unfinished. For the chain mail we bought a gray long sleeve shirt and Max used a sharpie to draw the chain links onto it where you would see the shirt.  

Lastly we cut cuffs out of brown vinyl and used a strip of vinyl to lace them on. Totally easy! the only bad thing was that the little vinyl strip broke too easily and one cuff had to be abandoned mid trick-or-treating. 

The last costume, and the easiest, was the Hag from Snow White. 

 All I had to do for it was make a black cloak using the cloak tutorial.   She carried a mirror and red apples in her basket.  I tried to convince her to let me make her hair gray but she wasn't having it.  

And that's a wrap!  Another Halloween successfully pulled off!  and blogged, Phew!

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