Valentine Fun - Decor and Preschool activities

I made a little Valetine's wreath this week.  I took a cue from Made on Maple and just took apart my Halloween wreath and added some argyle hearts.  I love an easy project.

Are you counting down to Valentine's Day?
My littlest will be 5 on the 20th and he is very excited. I've told him over an over that his birthday is after Valentine's day so to provide a little distraction and a little fun we are counting down to Valentine's day with Valentine homework and activities every day. 

I made a litte felt valentine envelope to hold his "assignments" each day. We read a Valentine story, do a game or play activity, and then a learning activity at homework time.  It has been a ton of fun. We set up a little area on the back porch and my older son joins him when he's done with his homework too.   Here are a few activities we've done. 

 Which turned into stacking and counting.

 And we melted Heart Crayons which we will use to color with in future activities.

  This has really been so much.  Of course I got all my ideas on Pinterest. You can find  these activities and many more pinned on my Valentine board.  

What are you doing to make the holiday fun? I'm always looking for more great ideas so leave one in the comments if you have one to share!

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  1. You have such a delightful blog....I must keep up with what you are doing!