Beautiful Mess Inspired Clutch

Last week I sewed up a couple of large pouch fold over clutches inspired by THIS tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.  

I love that blog.  They make everything look so dreamy and, well...beautiful.  I didn't have any leather so I tried out using some brown vinyl I had on hand.  Not as cool as leather but it was an okay substitute.  I need to find out how to get my hands on some leather.

With this project I learned how to sew a zipper in so that the corners don't fold in so much, so your finished corners look nice and square.  I also purchased some cool zippers for the project from ZipIt.  I love the zipper pull on the white one. 

I added a couple of deep pockets on one side so that keys and phone don't slosh around too much together.

That's it for last weeks sewing adventures!  I have some big plans for this weekend.  Wish me luck!


  1. I really like these!

    Check out tandy for leather:

    They usually have remnants, which are still pretty large pieces. And you may even have a Tandy store close by - I had one in my city and didn't know it for YEARS when I lived in IL. :)

  2. Sarah, the "Almost Everything You Will Ever Need To Make Virtually Anything Shop", Located in mom's basement happens to have a flip top and a half full of real leather pieces in every color imaginable. Most of them are big enough for a what you are making. Mom, just yesterday, said to me "I need to find something to do with all this leather". And here you are needing leather....coincidence? I think not. You should request some for your birthday. :)

    Kind Regards,
    Your Secretary ;) ;) ;)

  3. Thanks for the heads up QG. I'll see if there is a tandy near me.

    Rachel, you are funny! I guess I've only heard of the leather scraps and never really looked in the box. Maybe I could use some of them. I will make a point to browse the "AEYWENNTMVA Shop" more closely next time I'm in town.

  4. they're lovely! I agree, Zipit does the best zips. I still haven't mastered getting my zip pouch corners nice and neat yet.