Are you a Soccer Mom?

Hi friends!  Is it Soccer season in your neck of the woods?  We are mid-way through Spring Soccer here in Florida and I have come to a realization, I am a Soccer Mom!  I drive a minivan and I have 4 children in soccer this season, so I guess that makes it official.  I am a soccer mom in the most literal sense of the word.   I'm even coaching this year!  Yep, that's me getting ready to coach my littlest son's game.

Yes, I would rather not have everyone playing soccer, but they all love it so and I have a hard time making the young ones sit on the sidelines and just be spectators. And so this is our first season with everyone on their own team.  We have pulled off 3 kids in soccer for a while so that makes me an expert on how to make it all happen right? Getting out the door on time, dinner, keeping track of the uniforms. Ha! Not really an expert,  but I think  I've figured out a few things that make it all run more smoothly and I want to share them.  Starting Monday, for the rest of the month of April I will be running a little Soccer Mom series over here on Blue Susan Makes.

   I'll give you a little run down of the tricks I've learned over the years that have helped make our soccer seasons successful and kept me from pulling my hair out in craziness. "But, this is a sewing blog!" I can hear you saying.  Don't worry, I have sewing tutorials to share as well that you won't want to miss.  And have you had a chance to check out the new handbag patterns released by Sara at Sew Sweetness? They are fabulous!

At the end of my Soccer Mom series Sara is letting me giveaway a pack of patterns to 3 lucky readers.

Of course, if soccer's not your sport, all these tips can be used for any sport your kids might be in as well.  Do you have something to share too?  I would love your input, I want to know what works for you!
 Get excited, I know I am!

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  1. Love Sew Sweetness, esp fabric on Petrillo. WTG on all 3 kids being in soccer at once. I could barely keep up with #1 while #2 was running along the sidelines. Very impressive!