Scrappy Pillows for my Bed

While I was in the middle of hosting my Soccer Mom series I needed a mindless project one Sunday afternoon so I dumped out all of my scraps triangles that were cut off from my Herringbone quilt blocks and stitched them up into pillows.   

The pretty pillow my sister made me y goes perfectly with them.
What happened to the quilt? you might be thinking.  Well, it's not quilted yet. I tend to have machine quilting problems and I just couldn't quite face it, so it is sitting in my unfinished projects box.

And then I got to thinking all those bright colors just might be a little too crazy for my bed.   I was walking through Target and spotted this lovely soft muted purple quilt for just $35 and I knew this would work better.  Don't worry I will still be finishing and using that beautiful Herringbone.

The pillow top is quilted along the seam lines and I tried out a button closure on the back.  It's not perfect but it works and I am happy my buttonholes turned out. 

I have a couple of more pillow ideas floating around in my head.  Here's to hoping to get to them soon!


  1. Wow - they are adorable pillows! I love the way the scrappy blocks look, with the angles. Very very cool!

  2. I really like this look! The bedspread is the perfect foil for the scrappy pillows which are gorgeous.