Anthropologie Inspired Yarn Wrapped Monogram Ornaments

Anthropologie Inspired Yarn Wrapped Monogram Ornaments

It's December! Are you decking your halls like I am? A few years ago I made these cute monogram ornaments and decided to make a little tutorial to show you how to make them too! All it takes is a little yarn, wire, and mini pom poms.
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How to make Yarn Wrapped Monogram Ornaments

A few years I saw the cutest Ornaments in the Anthropologie Look Book. I don't live anywhere near a store so I thought it would be fun to try to recreate them as a Christmas craft with Jack and Luke, my 2 craft loving kids. Would you  and your crafters like to make some too? They are a little labor intensive for young kids to do by themselves but they could help wrap the yarn.  Tweens and teens could totally handle this with minimal support.  Let's go!

1.Gather your supplies! 

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You'll need: 
Colorful Yarn
Wire cutters or needle nose pliers 

2. Shape the letters out of wire

Set to work shaping the letters. To shape the letters bend a wire into the letter shape using a pair of pliers if necessary. We made ours about 3" tall.  You can find a photo of the whole Anthropologie alphabet on Pinterest for reference. Then add another wire or two to wrap around the letter a bit to give it some dimension. 
Wire letters- DIY anthropologie inspired monogram ornaments

3. Tie loop of baker's twine

Next we tied a 6 inch length of baker's twine a the top of the letter for a hanger. 

4. Wrap the letter with yarn

Tie an end of yarn around the letter and  wrap the yarn around until you achieve the right thickness. Every so often, add a dab of tacky glue to help the yarn stay in place. It gets a little tricky on the ends of the letter you have to get creative with how you wrap it to get the yarn to stay and not come unraveled right away. Adding glue helps.  When you are done, tuck the end under the wrapped yarn and glue in place.

5. Glue on the pom poms

Using the Tacky glue glue on the pom poms. Let them dry on one side before gluing the other side glue all the pom poms on at once and hang it on the tree to dry. 

Letter S DIY anthropologie inspired monogram ornaments

 Hope you liked them. 
They just turned out way too cute not to share.  If you are heading to a Christmas party they would make a fun little hostess gift to take along with you, or a present topper for a special friend.  If you make some, I'd love to see. Post them and tag me on FB or IG @bluesusanmakes #makingchristmas #yarnwrappedmonogramornaments #anthroknockoff 
DIY anthropologie inspired monogram ornaments

Happy Decking the Halls and Christmas Crafting!

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