How to Make a Tie Scrunchie: Free Pattern Sheet

Hello! I'm continuing our How To Teach a Sewing Class series today and I'm here to share a resource for teaching a  How to make a Tie Scrunchie class. Teaching a class is so much fun! I love teaching people to sew! One of the tips I gave in my Sewing Class planning post was to simplify the steps of the pattern and write them down so  your students have an at-a-glance reference when you are busy helping someone else.  This is especially helpful when you are trying to teach a lot of people at once. Perhaps you'd like to use it to teach your own Tie Scrunchie class?  Or download it for your own reference as you are making tie scrunchies at home.

 I taught my How to make a Tie Scrunchie class to a bunch of teenagers at their youth night a few months ago.  My pattern for making a Tie Scrunchie is online which is super great if you are making a scrunchie on your own at home but in a class setting it's nice to have it on paper.  Since many of the girls I taught were new to sewing I wanted them to have a little cheat sheet for them to follow and take home so they could use their new found skills to make more. I condensed the steps and pictures to make them fit on one page and added a little template in the corner so you can get the curve just right. 

Click here to get the free PDF  

If you are looking for the actual tutorial with more pictures and steps  you can find a link to it in THIS POST. 
Happy Teaching!!

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