Another Hipster

Okay, it has been officially two weeks since I posted here YIKES!  My apologies.  However my husband is leaving town today so I anticipate some serious sewing time.  Check back often over the next week. I have a lot planned. We'll see if I can pull it off. 

This past week I made another custom Hipster.  This one was for my friend Courtenay.

I've been trying to figure out how to put in an inset zipper, and I think this one turned out great.  Hopefully it performs well.  Next time I do one of these I'll have to take pictures of the process so I can show you... and so I don't forget.

Also on this one I put the pleats in the middle instead of the sides.

Hope you like it Courtenay!


  1. Thank you so much Sarah! I just love it!!! You do awesome work :)

  2. It's really lovely! I was going to say that if Courtenay doesn't like it, I'll have it but she's beaten me to it!! Looking forward to seeing how to insert the inner zips, I love to have a zip on my bag and I can't work that out for myself!