Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! My little guy has gotten a lot of use out of his Superman costume. Thankfully it was the only one I had to make this year... I bought Captain America (with muscles), and the other 2 kids are going to be a Spy and a Hippie both finding bits of their costumes in the dress-up box and goodwill.  I'm hoping the rain stops so we can have an enjoyable trick-or-treat night and I can get some pictures.

Ooh, I better post the Halloween things I made before it's too late! :)  This year my kids got to sleep on Halloween pillows.  It has been a fun little addition to our holiday decor.

And I did get a chance to make this cute Bat wreath .

 Here are the Crayon Rolls I finished for craft fair season


And I tried a new thing with one of my bags...strap hardware.  I love how this one turned out.

With a double pocket on the inside. 

 And that's the rest of what I've been making.  On to Thanksgiving and Christmas... I love this time of year!


  1. Those pillowcases are such a great idea. Do your kids know how lucky they are?

  2. Wow, look at all those pencil rolls!! They look fantastic. I absolutely LOVE that bag, stunning. Love the fabric too.

  3. You've been busy, Sarah! Cute cases, crayon rolls, and purse!