Three Handbags I've made.

Fall is here and we are finally starting to feel it here in Florida. Yahoo!!   This time of year I am always busy in my sewing corner because along with sewing for holidays and family and house needs, I also make things to sell in craft fairs and farmer's markets for people looking for unique, handmade holiday gifts.  I know it's a little crazy, but it's exciting and fun so I sew on.  Well, I mentioned that I've been making bags lately and I'm happy to finally be able to show you a few of them. 

This first one was fun to make because I was trying to imitate a dress I saw on a commercial that I watched over and over while watching Project Runway online one night.  It was a polka-dotted type dress where the polka-dots disappeared into the pleats at the waist. It wasn't exactly the same type of fabric and I couldn't quite get them to disappear all the way but I like the effect I achieved. 

Here's what it looks like on the inside... 1 large pocket, 2 small pockets.

The next one is a basic tote, made with some cute fabric a yet to be revealed secret sister gave me.  I love the swirls.

And the inside...

The last one is a slouchy Chambray colored bag that I dreamed up one day.  I used the same fabric as this skirt I made. 

It has elastic in the top and a simple rolled flower.

Here's what the inside of this one looks like...I used some fabric I found at Ikea for this one.

I have one more to show but no pictures up yet.  But I'd say that's good for now.


  1. cute bags very stylish my favorite is the second one come see me at

  2. Wow, I love that slouchy bag! So cute. Please tell me how you did it the next time I see you ;).