DIY Craft Felt Pom Poms


I had fun playing with pom poms today and came up with a different way of making them. They turn out big and fluffy and I love them! Can you guess what they're made of?  Craft felt! You know, the cheap sheets of felt you can buy at the craft store. Let me show you how to make them.

How to make Craft Felt Pom Poms 

1. Gather Supplies

  • You'll need a few sheets of Craft Felt. You can buy felt sheets at any craft story. One 9'' x 12''  sheet of craft felt yeilds about 3 pom poms.
  • a rotary cutter/ruler/mat or scissors
  • thread
  • twine and tape if making a garland

2. Cut felt into 1/4 inch strips

Using a rotary blade and mat to cut the felt into 1/4 inch strip.  You can also just use scissor and it's okay if your strips are a little uneven. Stack up 2 layers of felt at a time or fold the felt in half for faster cutting.  You'll need 12 strips that are 12'' long for each pom pom or about 10 strips that are 15'' long if you are using craft felt cut from the bolt

3. Cut the strips into 3 inch lengths

My strips were 15 inches long to begin with so I cut them into 5 sections. 

4. Stack up the 3 inch strips

Stack the strips on top of a double length of thread or embroidery floss

5. Tie the strips with thread 

Wrap the thread around the bunch of felt strip two times. Tie a first knot, wrapping the thread around a few times before cinching.  

6. Cinch the thread tightly and tie a double knot

7. Fluff up the pom pom and trim the thread  

8. Flatten the pom pom and trim the longer strips

Repeat this step a few times spreading the pom pom out in different directions. Trim the strips until the pom pom looks even all over.  

9. Repeat steps 1-8 to make more pom poms!

What do you do with a craft felt pom pom?

Make a festive pom pom garland of course!!

1.  Roll a piece of tape on the end of a piece of twine. 

2. Find the center of the pom pom.

3. Thread the twine through the pom pom center and pull it out of the opposite side.  

4. Add more pom poms to make a pretty garland. 

I hope you enjoyed this free tutorial? If you make some Craft Felt Pom Poms I'd love to see them. Take me on Instagram @bluesusanmakes or #craftfeltpompoms. 
Happy Making!

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