How to Make a Reusable Gift Bag

Hello Sewing friends! It's no secret that I love making bags and today I'm going to share with you how to make an easy reusable gift bag. The Holidays are upon us and sometimes I don't have time to make something special for everyone but I still like to give a gift with a touch of handmade.  Stuff these easy to sew bags with a package of baked goods, candy bars, lotion, a cozy scarf, or some fun socks and you'll have the perfect gift for a best friend, neighbor, or teacher. (Mine are holding a package of store bought cookies). Come learn how to make them! These are so handy they even make a great gift by themselves.  You can do your friend or teacher a time saving favor and sew up as stack of them as a gift.

This style of bag has the seam in the back with the tie sewn in to make tying a bow a snap. These gift bags are 12 1/2'' X 6 1/2'' finished but it is easy to resize them to fit your needs. Want to learn how to make them? I bet you do!

How to make Reusable Gift Bags

1. Start with a 14''X 14'' square of fabric.
Hem one side:  Fold 1 edge toward the wrong side 1/4'' and Press.  Fold it again 3/4'' and press. Then stitch your hem in place. This will be the top of the bag.

2. Cut a 22'' length of ribbon, fold it in half and pin the folded edge to the right side of the fabric about 2-2 1/2'' down from the hem on one side. Fold the opposite side over , sandwiching the ribbon and matching the raw edges. Sew along the raw edges with about a 1/4'' seam.

3. Zig-zag or serge over the seam to finish off the edges. TIP: To finish a seam with a zig-zag I always decrease my stitch length and widen my zigzag a little, then sew with one stitch going off the fabric and one stitch on. It rolls in the raw edge as you sew and prevents it from fraying.

4. Press the seam to one side and fold the rectangle so the seam is in the center back. Stitch across the bottom and finish the raw edge.

And you're done!! Now turn it inside out and stuff it. I love how the ribbon is already in place. It makes it so easy to tie. These are so quick you could make several in an hour once you are on a roll. 

Stamp your own fabric

One more idea to take it to the next level if you are having fun. Instead of using printed fabric you can use plain fabric and hand stamp it in a few places like I did. I used dye based fabric ink and a ruler to keep the stamps looking even.

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 Happy Sewing!

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