How to Make a Christmas Bow

Ever wondered how to tie those really pretty big beautiful Christmas bows for a wreath or big present? Today we are teaching you how! Just in time for wrapping and decorating!  
When I was little, my mom was known throughout the land for being the bow expert.  I can remember her sitting and tying bows for one church event or wedding reception after another. She's probably tied thousands of them at this point in her life. This bow only has 6 loops but you can tie one up to 12 or 14 loops if you want it really full. 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret! There is actually no "tying" involved. Just a little pinching and twisting and trimming. 

They really are way easier to make than you think. All the details are in our video linked below.  

You may be asking "Why tie your own bows when you can buy them already made?" 

Well the premade ones are never as pretty! It is really easy to make you own. If you need a lot of them it is usually way cheaper especially if you are looking for ones with pretty ribbon. You can also customize the color to suit your decor. These make great decorations for a wedding too!  If you liked this tutorial share it with a friend and subscribe to our You Tube channel!! Sign up for my newsletter to keep in touch! 

Happy Making!

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