Big Kid Face Mask - Free Pattern

Hello Sewing Friends!! I don't know about you but it is high time we refreshed our handmade masks over here. My littlest grew out of his small masks so I created a free pattern for one that is just the right size for big kids who don't quite fit into adult sized masks yet. 

Finished mask
Today my little boy woke up and asked if I made him some new face masks for him like I promised yesterday. He just turned 7 and his old ones are getting too small and too tight on him. He had been asking me for a few days and I hadn't made one yet so I hopped on the sewing machine and whipped one out before school. 20 minutes later I was finished and we hurried off to school. I always forget just how fast these are to make.

 Instead of looking for a pattern, I traced his favorite store bought mask and made it just a little bit bigger. It turned out to be so comfortable that I sewed up a few more for him today and made a pattern for you to use too. It's just the right size for big kids who don't quite fit into the adults sizes yet.

 It has a dart at the nose and at the chin which creates a nice gap in front of the mouth that makes it easy to breathe. I also used soft t-shirt material for the ear loops for extra comfort. (Traditional elastic can get scratchy). What to learn how to make one too? Come make one with me!! 

Big Kids Face Mask Free Pattern

You'll need:

 2 pieces of fabric about 7''x8'' for the mask

12-13 inches of elastic or knit string for the ear loops.

Free mask pattern

Start by downloading the Big Kid Mask Pattern Template

Print the template and Cut it out! When you are using a template over and over again it is helpful to print it on cardstock so it holds up better.

Cut out the mask pieces. 

1. Stack 2 layers of fabric together and place the paper template on top. Use the template as a guide and cut the mask pieces. I like to use my rotary cutter to make the cutting go fast. Lay an acrylic ruler on top of the paper to help you cut in a straight line and protect the paper from a stray blade.

2. Fold the template in half along the marked center line. Fold the stack of mask pieces in half as well.

3. Fold the corner pieces over along the dotted lines and lay the template back on top of the folded mask pieces. Use the template as a guide to cut off the folded corners. 

Sew the mask together

1. Separate the two mask pieces and re fold them individually with right sides together. Sew along each of the 4  cut corners with a 1/4'' seam allowance to make a dart and form the space for the chin and the nose. 

2.Using an iron, press the seam allowance to one side. 

3. Place the 2 mask pieces together with right sides facing each other. Orient the pieces so that the dart seams lay in opposite directions and "lock" in place. Pin the pieces in place. 

4. Sew along the 2 long sides with a 1/4'' seam allowance.

5. Turn the mask right side out through the narrow opening  on one end.

6. Push the seam edges out and Iron the edges of the mask flat. 

7. Tuck the raw edges of the narrow ends of the mask toward the inside about 1/4'' and press them in place. Set mask aside to prepare the ear loops.

Make the elastic loops 

1A. If using regular elastic, cut the elastic into two 6" pieces. This was the size that ultimately fit my child's face. You may want to cut your pieces a little bigger and fit the loop to your child after sewing one side in.  

1B. Alternatively, use a strip of rolled jersey knit as the elastic for a comfortable option. I had some jersey knit on hand but you could also cut up an old t-shirt to make your "elastic".  Knit fabric is usually stretchier when you pull it in one direction than another.  If you stretch it in the "stretchiest" direction it rolls. 

Cut a 1 inch strip of Jersey knit with the cut line parallel to the direction of the most "stretch". 

Stretch the strip and it should roll up on itself. Let it relax and then cut it to your desired length. 

Sew the elastic loops

1. Push the 2 ends of an elastic loop about 1/4" into one side of the mask. Pin in place. Repeat for the other loop.

2. Topstitch the opening closed about 1/8 inch away from the folded edge. Backstitch over the elastic a few times to secure it in place. 

3. Trim your threads and you are done.

 I really like this mask style because it sits in place on the nose and doesn't slide down off the nose very easily. The knit "elastic" loops make it very comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Hope you like it too! Let me know if you make one!!

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Happy Sewing! 

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