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Big Kid Face Mask - Free Pattern

Hello Sewing Friends!! I don't know about you but it is high time we refreshed our handmade masks over here. My littlest grew out of his small masks so I created a free pattern for one that is just the right size for big kids who don't quite fit into adult sized masks yet. 

Colored Pencil Roll and a Lego cake

My little budding artist turned 7 this week.  He loves to draw and brings a box of worn out colored pencils to church with him every week to color with.  For his birthday I gave him a new set of Erasable Twist Up Colored pencils in his very own carrying case.

This is a variation on a crayon roll.  It is really so easy to make and can be customized to however many pencils you want to add.

The size of the fabric I cut for this one was 8" X 12.5"  for the backing, interior, and pocket (folded in half).   I have plans to make one for my older son as well and I will put together a little tutorial for that one when I get to it.

Here is simple way to decorate a Lego cake
Jack had a little play date Birthday party afters chool.  A few of his school friends came over and they all played Lego together.  He wanted a pudding pie instead of  a cake so he helped me  decorate the top with Duplo Lego and Lego guys.