How to Sew a Soft Sunglasses Case

How to Sew a Soft Sunglasses Case
Sew a Soft Sunglasses Case using my free pattern! This easy sewing pattern uses foam stabilizer for extra cushion and a soft flannel fabric for interior to help protect your favorite 'sunnies' or 'readers'. Make one for yourself or give it as a gift. 
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Soft Sunglasses Case Features

This Soft Sunglasses case finishes at about 7 1/2" x 3 3/4". It's a little roomy for my small Goodr sunglasses and it also fits my oversized sunglasses. 

Choose your favorite fabric and color combinations to customize your Sunglasses case. Use beautiful fabrics with a matching binding or masculine fabrics with a contrasting binding, it's up to you.
Sew a soft glasses case

 It is quick and easy to use store bought bias tape but if you want your fabrics to match just right, making your own is a great option. It just takes a few extra steps to prepare. I'll show you how to do it.

fabric covered foam stabilizer - How to sew a sunglasses case

Using fabric covered foam stabilizer makes this sunglasses case feel light weight and cushioned but you could substitute 2 layers of cotton batting instead.  We will be quilting this project so if you have a dual feed foot or a walking foot you will want to pull it out for best results. In these instructions I teach you how to do straight line quilting in a diagonal pattern but feel free to quilt your Soft Sunglasses Case in any direction that you choose, or go wild with some free motion quilting. 

This pattern also comes with a free printable you can use to insert into your Soft Sunglasses Case to give as a gift. This printable is for personal use only according the terms of the free clip art I used.

Download the Sunglasses Case Gift Insert

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How to Sew a Soft Sunglasses Case - Free Pattern

You'll need

Make Your Own Bias Tape

For this project with will be using bias tape finish the curved corners of the sunglasses case. It is important that we cut the strips 'on the bias', or diagonally across the fabric, so that the tape will lay flat around the curve.  

1. Start by lining up a piece of fabric along a grid line on your cutting mat. Lay the acrylic ruler at a 45 degree angle across the fabric. Most mats have a 45 degree line to follow but you can also lay the ruler across the squares diagonally from corner to corner to get a 45 degree angle. 

Make the first cut at the 45 degree angle. Then  measure 2 inches from that cut line and cut again to get a 2'' bias strip. Continue to cut 2'' strips until you have enough to piece together about 30'' of bias tape. 

How to make bias tape

2. Match up the strip ends at right angles with the right sides of the fabric together. Let the strips hang over each side about 1/4 inch. So the strips together where they intersect. Press the seam allowance open.
How to make bias tape - sew strips together

3. Fold the long  edges toward the center leaving a small gap in the middle and press in place. OR...
Press the edges toward the center - How to make bias tape

4. Thread the strip through a bias tape maker. This little tool is helpful in keeping your bias tape a consistent width and saving your fingers from steam burns but you can get by without it.
How to use a bias tape maker to make bias tape


From the exterior fabric cut:

From the lining fabric cut:

From the foam stabilizer cut:
1 square using the Soft Sunglasses Case Template

From the Double fold Bias tape cut:
about 30 inches and press the center fold open

Cutting instructions - Sew a sunglasses case

Quilt the Sunglasses Case

1. Sandwich the foam stabilizer piece between the exterior and lining pieces. Make sure the wrong side of the fabric are facing the foam stabilizer.
How to  Sew a sunglasses case

2. Mark a quilting line at a diagonal by pressing a crease in the fabric with a hera marker or the dull side of table knife along a ruler placed at the diagonal. This will be the starting quilting line. Remember you can quilt in any direction you like. Pin the stack together in a few places. You can mark the rest of the quilting lines at this point if you wish but I'm using the width of the sewing machine foot as my guide.
back of a table knife is a substitute for a Hera marker

Draw a quilting line - How to  Sew a sunglasses case

3. Attach the walking foot to the machine or engage the dual feed if you have one,  If you don't have a walking foot or dual feed foot it's ok, the fabrics might just shift a little as you are sewing. Increase the stitch length on the sewing machine to 3.5 or 4.0 mm and sew along the creased line.
Using the edge of the sewing machine foot as a reference, sew lines of quilting about 1/2 inch away from the center stitch line. Continue to sew each half inch until the piece is quilted. 
Sew lines to quilt every half inch - sew a sunglasses case

4. Check both sides of the quilted piece and note any shifted fabric on the edges. Mine shifted about 1/8 inch in one corner. It  won't matter though because about 3/8 inch of the edge will be covered by the binding. If the shifting is more than 3/8 inch then consider trimming the piece smaller before binding.
sew a sunglasses case

Attach the Bias Tape 

5. Starting in the middle of one side and leaving a 2 inch tail to begin with, fold the bias tape evenly over the raw edges of the quilted piece. stretch the bias tape a little as you go around the curves to help it lay flat. Use binding clips to old the bias tape in place. Check both sides to make sure the bias tape lays evenly. 
Attach the bias tape to the edges - Sew a sunglasses case

6. Find the place where the two ends meet.  Fold the tape backward and make a crease where the two ends meet. 
Stitch together the bias tape ends - sew a sunglasses case

7. Trim the excess of about 1/4 inch from each fold line.
Stitch together the bias tape ends - sew a sunglasses case

8. Fold the quilted piece in half and add an extra clip to hold the two sides together. Unfold the bias tape so that is all the way open. Match up the two short ends with right sides together and stitch a long the creased line. 
Stitch together the bias tape ends - sew a sunglasses case

9. Use your fingers to press the seam open.
Finger press the bias tape ends - sew a sunglasses case

10. Refold the original folds.
Refold the folds - sew a sunglasses case

11. Lay the quilted piece flat and finish lining up the binding.
Attach the bias tape -  sew a sunglasses case

12. Change the stitch length on the machine to about 3.0 mm. With the exterior side up, starting at the binding seam line, stitch around the binding about 1/8'' away from the inner edge.  Check the back side to make sure all the binding caught in the stiches. If a part didn't catch, just make sure to position it to the bottom of the case in the next step.
Topstitch around the bias tape - sew a sunglasses case

Topstitch around the bias tape - sew a sunglasses case

Finish the Sunglasses Case

13. Fold the piece in half and clip it together in a few places. Place a pin in one side about 1 1/2 inches down from the top edge. This marks where to start sewing the case closed.
Topstitch the sunglasses case closed - Sew a sunglasses case

14. Topstitch the case closed. Starting at the pin, topstitch around the curve and stop at the fold about 1/4'' away from the binding stitch line. Backstitch at the beginning and end. 

How to Sew a Soft Sunglasses Case

And you are finished! 

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! If you liked this tutorial share it with a sewing friend or Pin it for later! If you make a Sunglasses Case I'd love to see it!! Tag me @bluesusanmakes and use the hashtags #DIYSoftSunglassesCase #bluesusanmakes.
How to sew a sunglasses case

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Happy Sewing!

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