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Scout Book Hanging Pocket

One of the things I love about having my sewing machine sitting at the ready is that I can quickly sew things for my family and my home, as the need arises. This week I used my sewing skills to solve a little organization dilemma, and whipped up a little book pocket for my son's scout book.  We have limited bookshelf space in our home and the elusive scout book never seems to be sitting where my son set it down when he came in from scouts last week.  I thought he needed a little something to help him keep all his scout things in order so he can grab the hanger and go when nights get busy.

This hanging pocket was so fast to sew up, it has my brain spinning with all kinds of ideas for other hanging pockets that might be useful well.   If you find yourself in a similar dilemma, you might want to stitch one up yourself.  I made a little tutorial for you to follow along, so grab some fabric and lets get started. Of course you can customize the size as well.

You'll need a medium or heavy weight fabric cut to 11" X 20" (I used twill), 11 inches of bias tape, and a hanger.  Here we go...

Add buttons to the front if you like.  My son gets a new hanging patch each year at Cub Day Camp.  He now has a place to keep them when they are not on his shirt.  I also threw his belt loops in there that haven't found their way to the belt.

The trick is to get him to hang it all back up on his own.  This week when we came home the shirt didn't get hung back up but the book made it into the pocket.  I'll take what I can get.

Happy sewing!